Ensure a safe swimming experience for you and your pet this summer. Follow these five tips to keep your furry friend protected while enjoying a refreshing swim:

1. Offer fresh water: Before and after swimming, provide your pet with clean drinking water to avoid them ingesting chemicals or contaminated water.

2. Use a life vest: If your pet will be in deep water, outfit them with a life vest to enhance their buoyancy. Allow them time to get accustomed to wearing it beforehand.

3. Never leave them unattended: Pets can panic in water, so keep a close eye on them while they swim to prevent accidents.

4. Teach pool exit: Ensure your pet knows how to exit the pool by having accessible stairs or a ramp. This prevents them from struggling or being trapped in the water.

5. Rinse after swimming: After a dip, thoroughly rinse your pet’s fur to remove chemicals, pathogens, and debris that may be clinging to their coat.

Remember, accidents can occur near water, so be cautious and seek assistance from our team in case of any water-related emergencies your pet may encounter this summer.